Friday, May 26, 2006

Domestic -- moving bug...

We've rented a really nice two bedroom condo here in Steamboat. It is VERY comfortable and for a vacation place very affordable. It isn't huge, but it is nicely laid out. The only thing we'd need to make it the perfect place for us would be to have one of the bedrooms be big enough for our king-sized bed. It has a nice sized deck for my plants, a cool fireplace / space for the TV in the livingroom, a nice sized kitchen open to the living room, a washer/dryer combo, two nice bathrooms and lots of windows. I'm sure that we could by a replica of this place -- HERE for under $500,000.

Of course, when I think about our over-priced quasi-ghetto but pretty big apartment at home, I want to move.

Some friends have a nice two bedroom place in a much nicer suburb, they pay the same rent as we do. The problem is that their place is across town from BNCC -- when across town isn't anything to laugh at. I won't do a 90 minute commute in nasty traffic for that.... but, I still want to move.

If hubby is still in flat state next year and I'm still at BNCC, we are moving. I'll move closer to BNCC and cut the commute down even more.

If I weren't dissertating like a madwoman this summer -- or if we had a bunch of extra money hanging around to hire people -- we'd move this year. As it is, I think we'll stay in the quasi-ghetto one more year.

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timna said...

yes, the 12 minute commute via fields and lakes is a good one. but we were thinking schools for kids when we went the suburban route.