Wednesday, May 24, 2006

vacation update -- more reading & a change in plans

I finished and endnoted (a new word I made up for entering it in the endnote database and outlining it...) "Just War Theory, A Reprisal"...

I've also scanned, but not entered "Morality and Contemporary Warfare" (not as good as many others, and repetitive...), "The Ethics of Warfare", "Michael Walzer on War and Justice" and "War and International Justice, a Kantian Perspectice....the last two are by Orend and I've read them and took notes that are at home... I'll get those entered tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow -- we'll play a bit after getting the brakes on the Jeep fixed --- going to the mountains with a shady front break on the Jeep sounds risky -- so, we'll get it fixed and then go explore a little.

Who knows what we'll do on Friday and Saturday -- I'm sure there will be plenty of back roads.

We leave here on Sunday and go to Alliance, NE -- I finally get to see Carhenge! I'm SOOOO exicted. Much more excited than I probably should be. I might even figure out how to post photos just so I can post one of Carhenge... for those of you not culturally aware, Carhenge is a replica of Stonehenge made out of cars -- google it, you'll get the gist.

Monday we'll do Mount Rushmore and stay in Rapid City -- Tuesday we'll do the Badlands.

Hubby made a real funny when he suggested we could stay in Scenic, SD --- I remember Scenic -- Mom suggested we visit Scenic just to see if it has changed since it had the big pink dinasaur with "AIM SUCKS" spraypainted on it...

Yea -- the vacation is going well.


App Crit said...

My wife and I do road trips like that through SD and other flat bits, too. It's fun, or it can be, counting all those Wall Drug signs. For me, it's a twice yearly trip, as it's the only way to get to a decent library.

Enjoy the trip, but enjoy the mountains first.


T-Mac said...

You should watch the movie rushmore even though it has nothing to do with the monument and everything to do with being rad before the trip. :-)