Thursday, May 04, 2006

Teaching -- end of year joys and sorrows..

The good....
Today was my last teaching day until the third week in August. 3 months off -- I haven't had that before.... with a paycheck.

I ended up liking parts of every section, and really liking my logic and 4:00 Intro class. The 9:30 had some bright spots, but I could have done without most of them.

The bad....
Also -- today was BNCC mascot days... they routinely have a carnival or other entertainment in the courtyard outside of my office. It is annoying, hard to concentrate and mostly a pain in the neck -- BUT -- directly above my office is a classroom I teach in regularly. In that classroom you can hear whatever happens in the open next to the room. Today Dogdad asked who he needs to complain to about the noise. This is TWO DAYS after Wise woman and I complained about noise in that area.

I understand that they want to have some fun and music -- but they don't understand what it is like to try to teach while that kind of music comes into the classroom.

The ugly/grading.....
I have a pile of grading to do over the weekend -- most of which is pretty quick to grade --

On Monday I'll get another load -- 34 or so Logic exams plus about 75 Intro to Philosophy take-home exams. I should be able to get those done on Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon I'll get the last remaining assignments, calculate the grades and be DONE.

Also -- some fun on Wednesday -- grade-grubber student from last SEMESTER is trying to talk his way into a higher grade. He got an average of a D on the quiz section of the course, and the ass-hat wants an A? I don't think I am going to change it. He tried to turn in some extra-credit beyond the deadline and had a sob story about his car. I'm very unlikely to change the grade for this kid (adult, but immature, jerky -- rude, demanding a change). He can go to my dean... no problem.


T-Mac said...

I think I would have trouble concentrating too in that environment! Still, three months off, woohoo! I have over a month off and I don't know what to do with all my time!

Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

ugh. grade-grubbers. noise. misery. Aren't you so very glad you have a break?