Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Society -- Reality TV.. Real Housewives of OC..

Somehow I've let myself become "involved" in reality TV -- I either watch the direct competition sort ("Survivor", "Apprentice",
"Top Chef" "Runway") or the life stories kind.. like "Real World", "Blow Out" and "The Real Houswives of Orange County" -- I don't watch the talent contest ones... like American Idol...

This rant is about the Real Housewives of Orange County...

Leaving aside the idea that these are note exactly "real" housewives AND the idea that they are not all "housewives" (3 of the 5 work..) -- I'm kind of irritated about the actions of a couple of these households..

1) the Baseball Player family... The husband is a former baseball player and they expect their son to be the third or fourth major league baseball player in the family. They haven't been very good about making sure this kid has had an education -- they just want to make sure he can throw the ball.

This family went looking for a college for the kid, since he didn't get drafted very high out of HIGH SCHOOL!!! -- His grades won't let him get into a four year school, so they went looking for a CC where he could play ball. Notice, not a CC where he could get a decent education so he can go to a four year to finish a degree and maybe even get a professional education... no, they were worried about how many at-bats the kid would get.

Umm -- get a clue. The kid can't get into a four year school, so you want to send him away to a CC/baseball camp so he can get better at BASEBALL. How about better at SCHOOL? As one of the teachers whose classes this kid will blow off until it endangers his ability to play, I resent you sending your brat to school with the attitude that the classes don't matter. When he's old, gray and illiterate -- he won't be able to play ball -- AND he'll be boring... none of the old ladies in the home will want to hang with your kid -- 'cuz he'll be stupid.

2) the guy who married the young party girl (Jo??) ... dude, you got what you signed up for. She's fun, she's 24 -- she isn't a mom to your kids. She never said she wanted to be, why do you expect that she wants to mother your kids when you won't even marry her so she can have some finanicial security?

Yep, she's cute, has long legs, dark skin and big boobs -- She seems to like your kids, but --- they are your kids. Granted, she shouldn't have gotten involved with you if she didn't want to mother your kids, but that level of involvement is a two way street and only YOU know how much work, committment and hassle kids can be.

i suppose you don't really know that, as your ex-wive (I assume you married her, thus won't marry Jo) probably did all that with your oldest son. Of course it is a surprise to you that the little one is a pain in the butt. Had you been a good father to start with you'd know that -- and you wouldn't have hooked up with a cute party girl.

I don't blame Jo for wanting to get a job. Why shouldn't she, most of the time she's alone in the house -- and you haven't married her so she doesn't have a stron claim of support should you find another hot chick in a few years. When you have the kids you expct her to turn into instant-mom and stop her life because your offspring want her attention.

I think you should hire a weekend nanny... except, that you'd have to pay her and she wouldn't fuck you or help you get ahead in business by being buddy-buddy with the big-bucks people in your neighborhood.


T-Mac said...

I'm totally with you on the baseball family...I know folks like that and it is messed up.

Anonymous said...

I love the way that the housewives carry themselves. Although I am african american, they as women have changed my life around in so many ways. to work hard for what you have, and not give up to have what you want. I sell home interior for a living, and their homes are as beautiful as I would want mine to be. I feel like they are my idals. i do look up to them, and I want them to know, that it has changed me tremindously. I may not be living behind the gates, but damn it I will one day! love always,