Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Slacker wife

So -- I suppose the fact that the following are all currently true makes me a slacker-wife...

1) My kitchen is a mess, and has been since I got home from wherever we were last weekend.
2) My husband washes the clothes, I'm supposed to fold and put them away -- but we are getting our clean ones out of the basket and have been pretty much since school started.
3) It is 1-24 and we still have a Christmas tree in the living room.

I may take down the tree this weekend, but if I don't it will stay up until at least President's day, or hubby's birthday... in February.

I kind of think what I should do is to take the Christmas ornaments off of it and put other things on it... we could have an Easter tree, a "summer -- school is out tree" a 4th of July tree etc.

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