Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Days off????

My last day free of debate or school / teaching was before school started. This is the third week of school. I also spent nearly a week of break traveling for debate. While part of that was recreational (ocean day) it is still work (that I love... but I also love watching DVDs, but haven't done much of that lately)...

Friday would have been my first day off -- but my teaching circle has to meet then...so, SATURDAY -- YEA!

I'm not sure what to do with this wonderous day --- I do have new Seinfeld, Arrested Development and House DVDs -- one season of each... maybe I'll be comfortable if I watch all three at the same time.

It wil feel especially good after the week-o-meetings I've had this week...

Today: meet w/ room person for debate tournament AND standing committee meeting --
Tomorrow: meet with dean of students about debate eligibility standards, the architects (why -- I don't know..) and big guy. On top of this I think my teaching circle e-mail list was screwed up (probably by me) so I need to call the circle tomorrow to make sure they can make a meeting on Friday... eek.
Thursday -- no meetings I know about --- only class prep for next week and prep for teaching circle
Friday -- (my brain time -- dissertation work!!! yea!) and then teaching circle at 3:00.

Saturday -- complete veg time...

The next stretch of debate trips is a bit easier...
St. Cloud is one night away
Notre Dame, we'll be staying with my Aunt Hil, and home on Sunday afternoon
State, although probably awful, is only 2 days long -- and President's day weekend, so I'll have Monday off.

then, a weekend off....

then we host a tournament

then we have a weekend off...

then (I hope) we go to Oregon and don't come back until we've done two national tournaments... wow.

then, about 3 weeks off until the last national tournament... then it is just about finals week.

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