Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Competition begins...

D1 and D2 won three of their four rounds and made it to elimination rounds. They lost to Berkeley. I’m super proud of them – they are playing in a field way above their experience level and doing well. YEA!!!

I “learned” a couple of things at this tournament –
• “nobody is going to 2 year schools”
• “If you go to a two year school, you’ll get stuck there and never graduate.”
• “If you go to a two year school and transfer to a four year, you have a lower chance of graduating.”
• “The UC Board of Regents has done good things too, like preserve affirmative action.”
All of these are false claims…. A recent study showed that 46% of ALL undergrads are at 2 year school now… hmmm --- quite a slice of “nobody”. It is also the case that, at least from my BNCC, students who transfer to Big Northern University have a HIGHER GPA and are more likely to graduate than those who entered as freshmen… hmmm – gotta love the ignorance.

Affirmative action in education is explicitly ILLEGAL in California…

I also “learned” that United Airlines retirees aren’t getting their pensions… except, that someone very close to me is a UAL retiree and is getting his…

We have the morning off, while they do semi-finals and finals for the last tournament, and we start a new tournament this afternoon.

The bad thing about this tournament is that they are doing a huge policy tournament on the campus as well – and they are sucking up all of the close rooms --- I have a HUGE blister on the bottom of my left foot --- it was wet, I had to walk a lot and it hurts…

Also, I ran into the pal I referenced in the “Cultural Lesbian” post – I was happy to see her. She’s finishing an MA here --- maybe she’ll end up with a job at BNCC next year --- and want to coach debate --- and let me stay home --- h mmmmmm

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