Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Challenges

I'm facilitating a Teaching Circle for the first time this semester. It is nice because it is part of my teaching load, and I'm pretty good at the organizational and detailed work that it includes.... of course, I may be wrong -- we'll see.

The thing that has become a new challenge is that I've figured out that a fellow-facilitator is also an anonymous academic blogger... I'm sure that this person and the blog go together.

My first impulse was to send this person an e-mail of support. This is a person I've liked and enjoyed in a previous teaching circle and someone I respect even more after reading their blog.

Then I realized that the person probably doesn't realize that I'm one of their regular readers -- as I don't ever read blogs from school, and my home ISP is a major national provider.

I also realized that revealing that I'd figured out their identity could result in this person losing a nice support system as well as a great outlet for frustrations I'm very much in touch with...

so, for now -- I've decided to leave well enough alone --- I just hope that when I see this person in the course of our teaching circle facilitator meetings, that I don't reveal something they've written on their blog....

and -- if you think things sound too familiar, leave me a comment :) --- clearly, you've found me too and we'll meet for some crappy cafeteria food...

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