Sunday, January 15, 2006

Debate update, Once again to the big MO, II

D1 got sick this morning and had to pull out of the tournament… it really sucks because we wrote a good case last night… which is unusual … to pop out a new case in the third day of a swing…

Oh well ---

Octs… these are some smart, funny and entertaining debaters – but I really don’t care – I’m SOOOOOOOO tired of LD… mostly the same shit, different mouths (teams mostly run the same positions – some well, some not…)

Looks like D1 may stay home next weekend…

Maybe Rex and D2 will be The Team – we’ll see. Rex has been dying to compete with one of them…in fact, he actually said (in jest) “I’d kill one of you to debate with the other”…

Then… in the hall – some over-privileged jerk kid starts to hack on Community Colleges.. of course, he doesn’t know shit about them -- and his attitude really pissed me off, so I told him so.

Of course, I am judging one of his teammates in quarters --- and she was standing right there. She felt the need to apologize about it to me. It wasn’t her fault that he’s an ass – and I would never hold her responsible for something like that.

Of course, the supreme irony about the situation is that one of their primary coaches would and HAS held all kinds of stuff against D1 and D2, and pretty much told them so in a variety of ways.

The fun bit about all of this is that I got tired of the BS comments and attitudes of one of this kid’s judges – so I decided to fight back. My goal on every ballot where I judged someone from their school, I made comments that were digs at the person who judges and coaches them… They are always, “it is lucky that I don’t judge on X, because some jerk judges do… “. I figure if the ass-hat hates D1 and D2 anyway, there is nothing to lose --- and, if the kids bring it up, then he’ll have to either defend himself or at least see how wrong he really is… So far I’ve managed on all but one ballot – so there are 2 sets of prelim ballots and a few elim ballots with these comments in their file… yea me.

So – tomorrow we head home… we got a new transmitter for the DVD player/computer so we can watch videos on the way home and hear them on the radio… we also got a new Family Guy DVD AND new Seinfeld… that should last me the 8 hours home from here and the 14 hour round-trip next weekend.

Next week should be a treat – very short and way too much to do – really… no sleep between now and then… ick, or “ish” as we say in BNstate---

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