Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Debate coach qualifications

This tournament I’ve been thinking about an honest advertisement for my job as a debate coach…

In addition to being able to teach and know all about debate ---

A debate coach needs to:

• Have comfortable shoes
• Be infinitely patient
• Have an infinitely patient family
• Not necessarily want to have your break to yourself
• Have excellent navigation skills – driving in new cities and finding your way to poorly marked buildings and rooms every weekend.
• Be able to carry a heavy bag full of grading around, but never get to do it.
• Be able to drive a 15 passenger van
• Have mad travel agent skills
• Have mad budget skills
• Be a flexible thinker
• Be a cheerleader
• Be a counselor
• Be a friend
• Be the bad guy
• Be a diplomat
• Stand up for their debaters
• Push their debaters
• Have a good sense of humor
• Understand irony

Yea – try that for yourself…. MS… see if it is worth the schedule shift ---- you’d find out that you’d rather teach at 7:45 AM AND 6:00 PM rather than do this…

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