Saturday, January 14, 2006

Debate -- quote book

So -- we always talk about the "quote book", which is a mythical thing...

For those of you who have never done this part of my job, debaters are very clever and verbal people. They say lots of fun and funny things -- which is probably why I've been doing this so long...

I decided today that I needed to get some of this down --- and my blog was as good a place to do so as anyplace else --

"I write in cursive" & "the cat was a stray, he was giving me that look"

"Palm trees don't exist" & "The pacific ocean is salty"

Me: (from a practice round a long time ago) "they killed Jesus because he was mean to people"

"I don't have 'humanism' anything", "did you spell it with a Y", "no", "dumbass"

"I'd buy you a green house, but not a real green house that's cruel"

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