Friday, January 27, 2006

Debate --update

D1's situation has been resolved with a good meeting with big guy -- I'll take D1 and D2, Rex and the minister to a tournament in Indianna in a couple of weeks.

Next weekend we have an in-state tourney with the younger ones -- D1 and D2 aren't going, as D2 needs to avoid having Friday absences, as he needs to pass Spanish to graduate from high school :)... So I'll have Herbie and the Russian, Rex and the minister and possibly D1 and TN along for the ride... should be fun. It will be Herbie's second tournament, the first for the Russian, the minister and TN ---

I'm also working on getting adminitration OKs for my nationals travel plans. The thing is that the two national tournaments we are going to (provided D1 and D2 qualify, which is pretty likely...) are both in Oregon. One in Eugene and one in Corvallis. Both are a fair drive from Portland and as such the travel plans will make it impossible to make classes on several days. My thought is that we should stay out there between the tournaments, save some money and travel hassle etc... I'd only be coming back for 3 class meetings (two on Tuesday one on Wednesday) as it is. The boys can't stay out there without me, as I have the credit card... Hubby has to be back, as DHC needs him to lecture the Friday between, whereas I need to be in Corvalis early afternoon of that Friday... eek.

The other thing I want is permission to buy hubby a ticket and to buy all of our tickets with the school credit card instead of using the travel agent. The travel agent is another rant all together, but the basic problem is that she doesn't get us good deals (I find flights, call her and tell her what to book -- instead of just putting the info in myself..) AND she charges an extra $30.00 per person to book the flights. This could mean up to $300.00 extra on this trip alone.

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