Saturday, January 07, 2006

No Mommy, don't make me go...

I'm SOOOOO not ready to start school on Monday.

I don't even know what my assignments will be for Wednesday for my MW class, nor do I know what my Th assignments will be for my T/Th classes... aargh.

I could use anothe week, just one more, but BNCC has a ridiculous habit of runnint 17 week semesters -- with some extra days off... sadly, many of these are Fridays, so my m-th schedule means that I actually end up teaching more... of course, this semester a couple of them are Mondays (MLK and President's day) -- so that messes up the courses I have sections of on MW or T/Th....

Things could be worse, sorme friends are finding out they are less than 75%, so are in danger of loosing health insurance, while many others are looking for full-time permanent work and would like to stay doing exactly what I am doing right now.

I'm also taking the summer OFF (first time 100% off since I was about 14, mabye 13) -- of course, if "OFF" includes writing a freaking dissertation (no kidding... really writing the damm thing) -- then I'm Off... Also, planning a couple of trips and a conference---- hmmm I've got to be sure to reserve time to write... maybe we'll go camping and I can write in the woods. My new laptop has amazing battery life, and we go car camping so I can charge my battery as needed.

How sad, I'm already thinking about summer and spring semester hasn't started yet---

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