Monday, January 23, 2006

Debate & education

So many debate rounds have an "education" standard -- which I think is pretty stupid and silly. Often my education has been decreased by my participation in debate (i.e. not being able to get my homework/ dissertation work done because I'm watching another fellons voting round or something..).

Were I a bad judge, I'd just scowl and vote the other way on education... I'm not that way...

I do think that debate travel does educate our students in surprising ways...

D1 & D2 would have gone much longer before they knew the Pacific Ocean is salty.

Also -- Rex, D2 and I would never have had the great mini-class in Indian/Pakistani/Nepal/China relations that we had from our server at the best Indian restaurant in the world. I don't know if Rex and D2 learned anything else this weekend (except that I'm not good with the details of a rental car--) but I know they learned about the perspective of a native of Nepal -- and how India and China need to be balanced or Nepal is toast..

and, the food was freaking awsome.

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