Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rant update..


According to a pal I'll call Linus, all is better in the jerk host changing the rules department. YEA... he told me he'd let me know the details in person... must be too jucy to put in e-mail. I'm sorry he won't be at Concordia this weekend, I'd like to hear it sooner rather than later. Linus' team will be there, maybe he gave his traveling coach "bam bam" the scoop...

I suppose the bad news is that we have to go to BNState tournament -- bahhhhh humbug...

The good news is that we have enough so-so teams that we are probably going to win the darned thing. Every year the good teams lose and the novice teams win the tournament. This is our year... I love our novices, but they aren't exactly debate gods.

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