Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Debate -planning Concordia

Well, looks like D2 and Rex will be our team at Concordia. D1 has to get things straightened out at home before he can go on the road again... hopefully it will work out.

D1 is a basically good person. I really, really, really hope he can get it worked out. It is out of my hands now, I can only do so much ---

D2 and Rex will be a hell of a lot of fun to travel with -- they are a bit bonkers, I'll need to keep them from climbing trees and stuff in Iowa...they've done it before -- of course, I didn't see it for liability reasons. Thank goodness D2 is finally an adult -- it seemed like he was a minor forever...

I can do one more weekend out of town, then I get one off and have a short weekend -- YEA. After that we'll probably go to a tournament where we stop in with my aunt on the way... that will be fun for sure, she's a kick and the boys will love her. It is always scary when debate meets my family.

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