Monday, January 19, 2009

Today, by the numbers -- a trip from Red state to BN state...

1: the number of tanks of gas I used.
2: the number of coffee drinks I had on the way home.
2: the number of potty breaks I had on the way home.
3: the number of towns in Corn State with the root "boon" -- "Boonville", "Boondocks" and "Boon".
9: the number of vehicles in the ditch.
6: the number of vehicles in the ditch, that were upside-down or sideways.
2: the number of cats who were, at least temporarily, happy to see me.
10: the number of minutes it took the Minion to get in trouble with me.
43: degrees difference here from when I left.
40: the high temp in Red State -- their snow has actually melted down there...


Balou said...

Glad you made it home OK! Also glad you brought the warm weather with you. 23 degrees felt downright balmy.

Prof Sherlock said...

Sorry I zeroed in on the coffee and potty breaks! LOL Glad you have a good trip and got home safely.