Thursday, January 29, 2009

Conference update, 2

  • There are fewer "you don't do what I'm interested in, so you suck" kinds of questions at this conference.
  • There are probably more big egos at this conference -- but, maybe they should have big egos -- their work IS really life and death.
  • Why can't the campus food workers figure out how to run their own restaurant? Somehow, the workers didn't have a picture of what is supposed to happen between payment and me eating my lunch. As a result, they couldn't answer the question "so, you'll call me by name when it's ready?".
  • Undergrads are as obnoxious here as they are elsewhere. The fact that it's a private, religious school does nothing to change the attitude.... they just pay more tuition for the classes they talk about skipping.
  • There are several Generals from the Iraqi army here -- my goal is to talk with them, although as a woman I may not get to... sigh. I really hope they'll come to my talk, as it is about the duties of a victor after the war.
  • I think I finally know what I'm going to say -- good thing, as my talk is in about 2 hours....

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