Monday, January 12, 2009

no... not ready.....

Spring semester sucks.

It is snowing and it's going to be pretty chilly up here this week --- windchill -25 or so, real temp -10-15.... and I teach a 7:45 class Tuesday/Thursday. Starting class when it's dark and cold sucks.

I also teach two evening classes, so I go out at night and get into a cold car --


plus, Hubby is heading back to Red State today for one more semester.... so, I'm grumpy.


Seeking Solace said...

Yeah, we are getting the cold snap too.


Bardiac said...


Do you start tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Omigosh I remember it well. I teach solely online now and I don't miss those cold mornings and nights. I was alway so jealous of the guy who had the remote car starter. I taught in two small private colleges and we parked right outside the door. So he'd push a button and his car would start up. I'd run out, start my car, run back in and we'd stand together at the door waiting for the cars to heat up. Then I started driving a huge F250 4x4 crew cab. The heated seats were nice but the heat in that sucker didn't get going good till I was just about home!