Friday, January 30, 2009

To those of you with snow days...

... I'm trying hard to be jealous. You see, BNCC has only closed for snow once in the last 6 years... and that was a Friday I wasn't teaching. It doesn't matter if all the area K-12 schools are closed or if the students complain -- we kind of pride ourselves on being brave souls etc...

Of course, I suspect the real reason is that the administration thinks faculty have too many sick/personal days and want to make us either fake being sick or simply use a personal day in order to cancel class -- so they won't call a snow day.

Of course, the fact that I'm in San Diego and planning on having a beach afternoon, after the conference -- that it will be 77 and sunny tomorrow -- and that I'll be wearing shorts and sandals -- makes it more difficult for me to be jealous.

Also, the forecast is that - when I get home -- my sweet home state will actually be above freezing for the first time since before Christmas, so even then I'll be in a relative heat wave.

Really, y'all need to develop an interest in military ethics so you can have a reason to come to this conference next year --- the last weekend in January, San Diego -- you can write paper and come... right?

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Queen of West Procrastination said...

Saskatchewan is the same way with its we-rarely-cancel-school policies. Even the K-12 schools don't close in Regina (and UofR has only closed twice in its entire history, and those were both during the same winter when I was an MA student). Apparently the lack of K-12 closures is not due to hardy souls, but due to the Board-wide fear that someone would miss the announcement of a school closure (even though they now have the technology to call everyone quickly), drop their kid off at school (and, uh, not notice that no one was there?) and that kid would freeze to death.

I hope you're having a really good break from the winter in San Diego!