Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh, the hopefulness of syllabus writing...

Classes start a week from yesterday -- by this time next week Hubby will be on his way back to his last semester in Red State.

but -- for right now, I'm in that hopeful stage... you know, the one where you make plans for a course before you meet the little buggers face-to-face.

This is before you realize they won't do the work, they'll whine and then write bad papers.

This is before you remember that a 7:45 class, in January and February in BNState isn't a good idea -- and that attendance sucks.... or, they don't come on time.

For right now -- I'm in a pretty place, with a huge lake outside and the potential for a storm --- and I'm hopeful that most of them will do what I'm planning for them, and maybe learn something.


Debbie said...

I'm working on mine today, too - tweaking last fall's reading list and discussion topics, as well as making some minor changes to the overall pacing. Of course, all of this is driven by what I learned from teaching last semester's students - so already I'm out of step with the new group, and I haven't even met them yet!

tomorrow said...

I'm in the "I'm-gonna-be-gone-[DATE]-can-I-turn-my-[ASSIGNMENT]-in-early" place.

Sometimes they make me tired.