Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short week...

Hubby left for Red State yesterday... while I spent the afternoon in meetings and the evening teaching.

Today was the usual 3 class teach-a-thon, with some good visits from students afterward.
Tonight I went to the gym and managed to exercise in spite of the splashy men in the lanes around me. As a reward I got some yummy Asian food and came home.

Tonight I must, must, must fold that laundry. I've been putting it off for weeks.
It is out of hand.

I'm going to watch Boston Legal while I do so.

Tomorrow, among other things I'll work on some papers, have some meetings and pack for a conference in the big blowy city...

hubby and I will meet there and spend the weekend.... It is lovely to have a hubby whose interests are close enough to my own to justify co-conferencing...

does it count as a conference hook-up if you are married to the person but not living in the same state?

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