Saturday, October 20, 2007

A little retail therapy / reward...

Thursday I put a version of the Ancient paper in the percolation vault... It will come out tomorrow for editing and sending off to Dr. Ancient for one more look.

Friday I put a version of the Feminist Epistemology paper in the percolation vault (secret note to Julie, check your college e-mail for a version). I'll take it out tomorrow for editing and sending off to Dr. Feminism for one more look.

So, to celebrate -- I did some shopping.

Thursday I went to Russell + Hazel for a cute notebook!
I got a bright pink one to take to conferences... since my typical conference is about war and death, a bright pink one seemed necessary. What was even more lovely was that they were having some kind of party and everything was %20 off. YEA!

Today I decided I needed some make-up. I decide this about once per year, I wear it for a while and decide that it isn't worth the trouble. I'm thinking that a combination of a very simple routine and lipstick that is supposed to stay on forever will keep me on the right path this time.

While shopping I ran into a favorite former student. BNCC is pretty big, so living in the area means I see my students everyplace.

This particular student was in my logic class last year, and had his challenges. The thing is, he kept trying and he got it. For that I really respected him. He was also the one who declared that logic is "the product of an unholy union between math and grammar".... so, I like his sense of humor. He's currently working selling make-up and skin care at the mall. He gave me a bunch of samples of the really good stuff -- because he wanted to make sure it worked for me before I paid for it.

We ended up having a conversation about what he wants to do with his life.... and, what he wants to do is to go to cosmetology school. Since I spent about 10 years in the beauty business, I had an insider's view and encouraged him to go. His problem is that his parents are really uptight and want him to do something "more manly". I explained to him that if he's interested in that end of the economy there are lots of things to do that aren't working in a salon.

What breaks my heart is that he's obviously a nice, young, pretty androgynous person and his parents don't want to see him that way. They'd rather he be macho and working construction than doing hair. I'd guess that he's gay, although he never told me so and the sub-text of the comment about his parents indicates that they aren't comfortable with that option for their child.

Message to those parents: Wise up, he's a good, smart, talented person who could really do well in the hair biz.... lighten up and support him going to cosmetology school. When he's in his 50s, financially secure and doing the hair of all the wealthy ladies in town, that money will pay for the good home --- and he's just nice enough to put you there even though you probably don't deserve it.

I'd bet that he's going to go to cosmetology school. He said he would plan to go visit the school he wants to go to. He'll see people doing what he wants to do and he'll realize that 8 months is really a short amount of time to learn to do all of that -- and that the money is worth it. I know that he's smarter than about 80% of the hairdressers I managed. He's also more organized and nicer than most of them too. He's very creative and very concerned about helping others -- he has all the tools to be a good hairdresser... now all he needs are the skills.

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