Sunday, October 28, 2007

General conference news....

I'm back from the odd conference in the city where the wind doesn't stop.

The world amateur boxing championships were in town and many of the boxers were staying at our hotel. We saw boxers from all over the world -- they'd jog and spar in the halls and it was really common to see them running on the sidewalks around our hotel. They usually wore their warm-up suits, so we could tell where they were from... Thinking back, I regret not keeping track of the countries we saw -- kind of a modification of the license plate game we played as kids...

For the record, I found that conference weird, probably because of the unusual combination of disciplines that participate -- I saw a few philosophical papers, a few political science papers and a bunch of other (for me) odd papers. I suppose there is a research niche for everyone and there aren't really any bad questions -- but, it also seems pretty amazing that these research questions get funded and have such obviously "no duh" answers.

Also, it was really fun to be at a conference with hubby. I like to see him in his intellectual stimulation mode..

and... while I was there, I got news that I'll be presenting at my first-ever academic conference... YEA!

now all I have to do is to revise the hell out of the paper.

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timna said...

you're kidding me. you haven't ever presented? I guess debate took all of your time, huh?