Monday, October 15, 2007

I hate monopoly air!

So, I'm planning on a conference someplace warm in January (good move, huh -- leave BNstate for a conference that lasts 1.5 days and spend the rest in the sun with hubby... YEA!).

Anyway, Hubby will be coming from Red State and I'll be coming from BN state.

As I looked at airline tickets I found something infuriating. Hubby's tickets will be almost $200.00 LESS than mine.

On Monopoly air, he and I will meet in BN state and get on the same flight. To even take that option will cost me almost $400.00. For him to take two extra flights (to and from BN state) will be about $200.00.

They officially suck.

It is quite possible that we will both have to make connections... him in BN state and me in mountain state. I'll start in BN state, fly to mountain state and meet my hubby in palm-tree central. He'll start in Red State, fly to BN state and then to palm-tree central. That is what is needed in order for us to pay the same airfare.

Monopoly Air claims they are doing a good thing by providing direct flights all over... which is nice if you have a big expense account and aren't worried about managing a smallish professional development budget. What is even worse is that Monopoly air keeps getting help from BN state -- and look how they repay us... by screwing us on airfares.

It almost makes me want to drive to Red State and fly with hubby back to BN state and on to palm-tree central.... just to screw them out of the $200.00. As I wrote that, I realized that if I timed the ticket purchase correctly, I'd be able to fly to Red state, back to BN state and on to palm-tree central FOR THE SAME FRICKING PRICE as I'd pay to go directly!

That, folks is messed-up.

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