Wednesday, October 10, 2007

and... today it just got "better"...

After yesterday, I figured I'd come in early to get caught up on my other stuff before BICC meeting #1.

I thought I had it all set -- a dozen copies of each revised document were piled on my office table.

Then, I went into the work room.... where I found out that BICC hadn't told us that one of our courses had been questioned as not belonging in the gen ed curriculum.

I had a little fit.... and then had to figure out what to do -- and DO it before 2:30.

Of course, the memo that put our course on the naughty courses list was written in JANUARY and I had to find out accidentally the day of the BICC meeting.

at least I did find out.

So -- we conferenced, we spoke to those who had some insight and I revised the course outline....

in time for the meeting.

To say I'm a BICC-ninja wouldn't be overstating things.

The really shouldn't have had to be a ninja like this... had the BICC committee chair been doing his job --

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