Wednesday, October 03, 2007

it's that time of the semester...

When they start to whine.

"this reading is too hard", "I have to work hard on this class" and other variations of waaa, waaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I finally snapped a bit on Monday night -- I told a student that she should go back to all the "easy" classes and demand her tuition back. Clearly, her profs didn't push her and didn't care enough about her education to get her out of her comfort zone. I then told her that if a class didn't push her, she wasn't learning.

Folks, she was whining about having to write a 3 page paper. About two pages is something like, "tell me what the philosopher says" -- and the last page is "give me one problem with this theory". It isn't f-ing difficult, especially since they have PowerPoint slides that outline the readings. All they have to do is to actually work a little --

Maybe I'm feeling this way because it has been a while since I've worked on my own stuff.... That should be better after my meetings at grad school scheduled for the end of this week.


Seeking Solace said...

I would have so snapped over that one. Three pages...they could text that much!

shea said...

Damn, I'm annoyed with a professor for restricting me to five pages in order to write a critical analysis of the three, count 'em, three *major* criminological theories (Rational Choice Theory, Biological/Pyschological Positivist, Sociological Positivist...wee, I guess I'll pass that part of the final!) for what causes crime once the Enlightenment started. Perhaps we should switch.