Saturday, October 06, 2007

Games we play in restaurants...

Hubby and I love to people watch.

Tonight was perfect for it. It is a warm weekend in Red State and everyone here is enjoying their last taste of summer-like weather before they get what they call "winter" here (it isn't winter according to BN state standards and their "lakes" aren't even worthy of naming in BN state - -not even with a number)....

Anyway, Hubby and I went to my favorite classy-pub place for a late dinner tonight. It was prime people watching time...

The general game we play is something like: 'I wonder what they're doing here?' The goal is for us to make-up backgrounds for the other tables. For example, at one table tonight Hubby was sure that it was a reunion for a broken-up couple. He wants to date her again, and she's telling him that she's pregnant with his child and wants money for an abortion. At another table we had the friend from out of town meets BFF's new boyfriend etc... That game is good for a lot of amusement and especially in a place like our favorite Pub, there are a wide variety of people to watch.

Our game morphed into "guess who's a paid escort" -- which is a great variation. Our final decision was that the most likely candidate was the pub's hostess. She had exactly the right kind of contempt for the world, and the way she carried steak knives indicated she had considered how to defend herself with a knife.

A different restaurant game, and one that we've only recently started, is "what would Gordon Ramsay say?".... in which we imagine how the chef with a temper and a flair for insults would handle minor problems... We had very few problems tonight, so it was a non-starter. Also, our Pub is very busy an is always busy when we are there -- so I doubt they'll need to go on Ramsay's show.

Finally, we discussed doing an anonymous restaurant review blog for Red State. Who knows if that will happen, but it was fun to talk about anyway.

In case you are wondering, I had a fantastic spinach salad with warm bacon dressing and a Thai lavosh. The salad is pretty basic with red onions, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes and bacon, but basic in that perfect and amazing way. The lavosh is the 2nd most tasty thing in town (first is an Indian dish..) -- Imagine this... on something that is like a large cracker, put basil, cheese, chicken, tomato and peanuts -- plus that sweet/hot red Thai sauce... and put it in the oven until the cheese melts. It is really amazing... if you ever go to Red State you must have one.

yea, it was a good day. I'll work tomorrow.

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