Saturday, May 03, 2008

The view from my desk....

This is the typical state of my desk... The desktop scene is from a trip to Canada a few years ago -- it makes me think of the perfect summer day, so it has been there for a while. Notice the keyboard standing up behind New Kitty -- if I don't do that, she'll plop on it. Next to the monitor are my dissertation notebooks --- and under new kitty is a desk blotter calendar, both from Russell + Hazel (I LOVE their stuff...). The little rug next to the keyboard is my mouse pad.

This is where I'd prefer New Kitty sit -- off the desk mat (can't I have 2 square feet of space to work, cat?). It also shows the mouse pad and more clearly shows my slick Mac keyboard.
Here is New Kitty looking out the window -- She's looking for her Daddy.... who is on the way home as I type---- he's even in the STATE!!!!! YEA!

This is what she's looking at --- you can't really see it, but the bottom of the photo shows the small water hole right outside my window -- pretty soon the trees will fill in and we won't be able to see the trailer park we've been looking at on the other side of the water hole.... YEA SUMMER!

Here's Extra Toes in Hubby's chair -- it is immediately to my right. What you don't see is that on Hubby's desk is a pack of orange tic tacs (Juno fans will get it) and a cartoon that says "don't forget, blow J**** are like flowers for men".

So --- show me your workspace and your working companions.

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