Monday, May 05, 2008

RBO ...Last week of Spring 08..

  • Hubby's home -- The local radio station does a kind of shout-out bit every morning... This morning Hubby got one from me and the cats... it ended with 'now, get out of bed and write your dissertation' -- His mom also listens and called :) -- yea, it was good.
  • The office is pretty neat, but the living room and kitchen are a wreck, so something has to be done about that today...
  • I've already finished my logic final, so tomorrow afternoon I'll copy it and I'll be ready for finals week.
  • We'll go to the gym and grocery store today. It is nice to have company doing it...
  • 3 weeks from today, we'll be on the way to Vegas.... I've got to order a hat on-line (my head is too big to buy one in the store... sigh).

1 comment:

Bitty said...

Another interesting factoid that we have in common: I too have a big head. If I try to buy a hat, I took like I'm trying on kids' hats for comic effect.

Where online do you shop?