Monday, May 19, 2008

Book suggestions?

So -- I'm really, really a nerd if I'm going to Vegas to read -- huh?

I'm not so into gambling, drinking or shows. I don't have the money or really the inclination to shop.

What I do like is to sit by a really nice pool, drink some fruity drinks, and read bubble-gum books.

Vegas has nice pools.... now, I need suggestions for the books.

I tend to like books that get classified as 'chick-lit' -- I'm not into romance novels and, although I like some mystery/crime sorts of books, they have to have really good characters. I do read some science-fiction, but not all that often and I don't do any kind of fantasy or horror stuff -- except for an occasional Stephen King -- and only really 'The Stand" kept my attention. I like biographies and autobiographical stuff too -- as long as it isn't too detailed.... and the person is actually interesting (I just finished a book by/about two of the guys on Deadliest Catch).

So -- any suggestions?


Dr. Crazy said...

Ok, some things you might like, given what you described:

Anything by Carol Goodman.

The Thirteenth Tale (not sure who it's by)

The Jane Austen Book Club

I could come up with more, but those occurred to me just off the top of my head.

JaneB said...

I love me some 'mind candy'!

Anything by Jennifer Cruisie, I think she'd be right up your street

Sarah Mason, Erica James, May Sheepshanks (I especially like 'Picking up the Pieces'), Isabel Woolf, Katie Fforde

Fiona Walker if you like Jilly Cooper-type 'cast of thousands' books.

For detective moments do you know Donna Leon's books? Set in Venice, beautifully written, about people more than crime, and strong character development.

Or for frivolity how about Elizabeth Peters? I think her Amelia Peabody books or Vicky Bliss books are the best.

And for the perfect period romance - Georgette Heyer - if you haven't read them try 'The Grand Sophy', 'Fredericka', 'These Old Shades', 'Devil's Cub', 'The Corinthian' - fun, strong characters (and superbly researched so there aren't anachronisms to trip you up all the time, but the research doesn't get in the way of the lovely story)

Debbie said...

I'll second Elizabeth Peters - including the well-known Amelia Peabody books, and especially the older and less-well-known Jacqueline Kirby books. Try _Die for Love_ especially.

Margaret Maron is another terrific writer whose mysteries are really character-driven and well-written. Also Sharyn McCrumb.

I also adore Dorothea Benton Frank for pure escape and some serious Deep South flavor.

On a completely different tack, if you want to laugh at what we all do for a living, try Jane Smiley's _Moo_ and Richard Russo, _Straight Man_.

julie said...

My latest fav for light reading is _Stay_ by Nicola Griffith. Don't know if it's in paperback, though.

comebacknikki said...

I second The Thirteenth Tale. Also, if you want some good chick lit (with substance!), check out any of Emily Giffen's books (Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Baby Proof).

Oh! Also, Body Surfing by Anita Shreve - fantastic book!