Thursday, May 08, 2008

No -- no way, no how.... really, no.

A couple of bozos in my logic class weren't happy with their final points total.

They decided that they only had to fulfill half of the assignment, so they should get half the points -- right?

umm -- no--- because...

1) when they got the original assignment back, they had the opportunity to do it right and turn it in again for full credit -- they ignored that opportunity.

2) When they got their quiz back in late April, I wrote a note about missing that assignment... which they ignored.

3) They also ignored my 'drop dead date' -- i.e. the date after which I will not accept new work. That date was Tuesday -- So I could do an end of semester grade and have a chance to correct any data entry problems.... this, folks, is NOT one of my (rare) data entry errors.

So -- No, bozos 1 and 2, you can't get credit for that. To be honest, had you come to class more than 50% of the time -- and had you not been stoned when you did show up -- maybe you'd have taken my warnings seriously... .as it is, you'll be lucky to get a C or D in the class...

ps -- I dare you to go to my dean to complain... yep, go -- in fact, I'll know when you go up there and try to plead your pathetic case -- because she'll laugh you out of the building... really, you need a logic class more than most.

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