Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ah.... back to serenity...

At least on my desk...

I my toss out the old stuff and organize the new stuff kick is over.

My desk is no longer over-flowing with files.

The little white wicker stool next to my desk is no longer topped by a precariously balanced pile of 'crap to think about later'.

My articles are neatly filed in one drawer of my file cabinet. Their corresponding cards are neatly filed in their own little card box.

and -- don't 'ya know it, the cat who was insisting on being in the middle of my desk chaos has gone elsewhere.

A bonus, my favorite office supply place (Russell + Hazel -- Google them!!) has a line for Office Max called "Kit" -- and it was on sale. I'm thinking I may need some more things... hmmm.... I hope they aren't discontinuing it. Even though Russell + Hazel has a big store in BNstate, getting there requires a lot of traffic and across town nonsense, so getting it at Office Max would be nice, even if the stuff isn't exactly the same.

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