Friday, September 25, 2009

Why be THAT WAY???

The quasi-memorial thingish whatever today was sad, but good.

It was good to be in a space she loved, with people she loved, sharing stories -- mostly complimentary and funny -- but sometimes just funny.

I was mad when I got home and saw that someone deleted SS's 'how I met my Baby' story from her facebook memorial page.

I know SS didn't do it -- 'cuz he told me he didn't, and why would he lie?

I guess I just don't understand it. Why delete something that was part of her life -- and her most recent life? She met SS at the end of July -- and they were tight between that time and the day she died.

Even if SS is remembering Sara with more passion than was there (which I don't think is the case), it isn't as if his loving her takes anything away from the folks who did the deleting.

It's just another aspect of being 'that way' -- and I don't get it. Pam's husband could write as much as he wanted about their life together and all it would do is make me happy that she was happy.

I suppose that's the real rub.... some folks were only satisfied when Sara was unhappy. Every time things would go well for her, they'd drag her down. I just wish it would end with her death.

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