Saturday, September 05, 2009

So when I say...

  • 'you can get extra-credit for any on-campus activity or meeting' -- does that mean, "you can get credit for going to Student Senate or eating pancakes in the commons, but not for a speaker that might actually teach you something"?
  • 'you need to write on applied ethics topics we'll cover in class' -- does that mean "you can recycle your poorly written comp 1 essay on affirmative action"?
  • 'your exams will be on-line' -- does that mean "you'll take quizzes on-line but sit in class for exams"?
  • 'coming to class every day is not enough to pass' -- does that mean "If you come to class every day, I'll pass"?
  • 'I don't care if you use APA or MLA' does that mean "you don't have to use citations"?
If so -- then I'm doin' something wrong when I talk...

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