Sunday, September 20, 2009

People don't change...

I'm a bit frustrated with A and B for being unorganized, a bit selfish, very self-centered, and scatter-brained. Then I realized that they've always been like that -- and this situation only makes it worse.

I had a long visit with an old friend yesterday. She's in the 'when we get together, no time has passed' category. I love that about her -- and that's the way it's always been.

What's (relatively) new about my old friend -- i.e. what's changed about her since high school -- is that she's a mom. She's a single mom raising a boy. This has been her focus for 14 years.

When she had her son, her priorities shifted to being a good mom and giving him every advantage. To that end, she has made every effort to keep him in a good school district for his entire schooling. Her son's father isn't a particularly nice guy -- and his father's family is really screwed up-- so she's mostly kept her son away from them. She also hasn't dated, because she didn't like the prospect of bringing guys home to meet him. Granted, she's had help from her family -- but much of this she's done on her own.

I love this about her -- and I think her son is very blessed to have her as his mother. I'm not sure how someone gets to be a mother as good as my friend -- but I'm very glad both for her sake and her son's sake, that she's doing it.

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Miss Kitty said...

Wow...what a mom. I admire her dedication. Pass my hugs and blessings on to her and her boy. :-)