Sunday, September 13, 2009

RBO -- a Sunday

  • The Farmer's Market on Sunday is great. Not as crowded, opens later, better parking and just as many yummy veggies.
  • The Home Team won with a shiny new-old QB.
  • Hubby put in a new shower head.
  • Our chef salad lunches next week are going to be great!!
  • Once the dishwasher finishes running, I'll cut up the meat and make the bacon bits..
  • I also need to make our dressing...
  • Sundays are days I'm happy to have Hubby home. It's better now that I don' t have to say goodbye to him anytime soon.
  • I might actually manage to stay in the state for two whole months in a row (August and September)-- only to leave town the first weekend in October to go to Red State.
Also -- an update -- my friend who was hanging out with us in early August -- has TWO new jobs, a boyfriend who seems to really jive with her and a place to live. YEA!!!

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