Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thowing versions away...

I'm doing the last set of revisions before sending the first draft of my dissertation to Dr. Advisor..

It's scary. It's going quickly -- which means that it's time for him to read it. I'm not seeing where it's weak, and he's really good at pointing those things out :).

I'm quite happy that a recent book came in the mail -- and that the author (who just won a huge, nationally competitive grant -- like, the kind that makes the news) agrees with me about a particular issue -- thus, both insuring that it IS an issue, and that someone really smart thinks so to... It's also good that I have a distinct take on the issue -- YEA Me... I hope :).

So, I'm on the last chapter. As I've been revising, I've been throwing the old versions away. There's one more chapter to do -- and, the changes are already written on it, I just need to correct the file...

It feels great every time I throw a chapter away.

I hope it feels great (and not just scary) when I print it tomorrow and mail it on Tuesday.

Wish me luck!

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What Now? said...

Big luck indeed! How exciting that you're so close!