Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Citation help.. please :).


I use endnote, so it isn't really an issue for me -- but, my students could use some advice..

Do you know of any on-line resources concerning proper citation formats? I don't care if it's MLA or APA...

FYI -- The snarky philosophical response to the question as to why I don't have a preference between MLA and APA is that all the other disciplines split off from us... why should we have a preference, we'll let y'all fight that out. The real reason is that the folks in my grad program didn't have a consistent answer... but, the snarky response is more fun, especially if you put a really snooty voice on it :).


Rose said...

It's not a resource exactly, but my (best) students have been using Zotero, a plug-in for the Mozilla Firefox browser.It lets you choose which style sheet you prefer.

Dr. Crazy said...

The owl website at purdue is fantastic.

chobbs said...

I do not allow students to use APA style, because under APA guidelines, one doesn't even have to provide a page number.

And why not require Chicago? Plenty of my upper-level students use Chicago-style without my even having to suggest it.

Bardiac said...

I second Dr. Crazy's suggestion. OWL's a great resource.

hubby said...

Chicago Manual of Style




Google. It's not just a T-shirt.