Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A weird divide...

I love the huge windows in my office -- the let in lots of natural light and let me actually see the weather outside...

They also let me see the smoking section, which can be quite amusing. I've seen more college-student mating behavior than I ever needed to see.

This year they are doing construction in our building -- two floors above me. Much of the construction guys' access is via the smoking section. There is one of those orange, plastic construction fences dividing the smoking area.

Right now it's lunch time.

The students are eating and smoking on one side of the fence.

The construction workers are eating and smoking on the other side of the fence.

Both groups are watching one another like animals in the zoo --- and it isn't clear which side is the the animal.

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auto ethnographer said...

Great story/vignette. I really needed to laugh out loud today.