Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things...

The last few months Sara's constant companion was a small, pink, stuffed bunny -- named "Bunny". She'd had a few hard months, crappy things happened to her and Bunny became a fixture... he showed up in photos, he was around for happy times and was even acknowledged by the graduation speaker at Sara's graduation.... Bunny was a thing.

Sara's boyfriend can't find Bunny -- it's like Sara took Bunny with her... literally. He's checked with the hospital, the airlift folks, he's looked in her car, her purse and her cube at work.... no Bunny.

When I went to Florida in February and ended up staying for a week, Sara was cat sitting for me -- thank goodness... it started as a weekend, ended up to be 10 days -- and the cats were very happy when I got home... because Sara took good care of them.

The end of that weekend was Hubby's birthday -- and for a while it looked like Hubby would come home from Red State even though I wasn't there. Sara decided he shouldn't come home to no birthday celebration, so she bought a "happy birthday" banner & decorations, printed some photos of the cats and bought hubby a white stuffed rabbit -- while she was there, she bought Bunny. The two are 'cousins' -- they're similar, have the same kind of "fur" -- the cousin is white while Bunny was pink.

Tonight Sara's boyfriend will come by to get Bunny's cousin.... I think he'll appreciate the cousin bunny much more than we will... it isn't anything close to a satisfactory substitute -- but sometimes it's the small things that help.


Miss Kitty said...


Poor Sara...poor Bunny. Oh my God.

I am just so, so sorry. Such sadness, and I can't find the words.

Meansomething said...

ITPF, I'm so sorry for your loss. This is very hard. I like to think of Bunny's cousin going to Sara's boyfriend, but--still very wrong and sad.