Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not sure..

.. but I suspect my friend was killed on the way to her mother's house.

Her mom told her to get her stuff out by the 15th -- and her mom lives not far from that intersection. Last night was the 15th.

I don't like to think about it too much -- but, that demand by her mom was one of a long series of demands... and it makes me really sad to think that she might have been on the road at the wrong time because her mom picked an arbitrary date about stuff... especially since it was my impression that the date was picked because the mom was upset.

I know crap happens -- and I've seen crap happen both to me and around me -- I just hate it when icky demands put my pals in the wrong place at the wrong time. grrr.


julie said...

Oh - juheezuz - oh.
So, so sorry, P. Goddam sorry.

Miss Kitty said...

This is mean...but maybe that sorry old bitch of a mother is regretting being such a bitch now.

Sad, but I know so many people who wake the hell up ONLY after having been hit with earth-shattering tragedy. :-(

May Sara rest in peace. I didn't know her, but I sure wish I had.

Squarepants said...

Miss PF .. I dont know if I told you or not but after Sara recieved that call from her mother we went and got all her things the next day. So she wasnt heading to her mothers , I wouldnt have let her go alone :) Ohh and Im sure you have figured it out but .. Im now able to comment on your blog :)