Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a looong month.

Yes, I love fall -- I love the leaves turning, things getting chilly and cooking comfort food.

The end of the month is Halloween -- which is fun -- and this will be our first Halloween with Spock (all black, arches like a perfect Halloween cat!!).

But -- for goodness sakes, why do we need an entire Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- and, if we really need it, why can't it be February?

I'm aware of breast cancer -- really, who isn't? If they made a South Park episode about it - we know about it. I'm just tired of companies selling things by promising a "portion"of the proceeds to breast cancer groups. I have to wonder how big a "portion" is...

So -- go ahead and wear the pink ribbon. Buy pink stuff etc -- and, don't get me wrong -- the breast cancer sorority really appreciates the effort and the strong breast cancer political advocacy -- just don't be surprised when my fake boob doesn't have a pink ribbon pinned to it because I'm freaking aware of breast cancer.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've wondered that too. A while back when Brett Favre was still a Packer his wife had the whole pink hat thing to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Then Kohl's Dept. store began selling knock-off pink hats because they were stylish. But the money from the hats people bought at Kohl's didn't go towards breast cancer research & treatment. Not many people knew that.

phd me said...

I wanted to thank you so much for your input as I grapple with my diagnosis. I'm nowhere close to you but I so appreciate your offer of help as I weigh my options. We'll see what Monday brings.

I also wanted you to know that it is so reassuring to hear another academic's words of experience and support. I hate that you've been in this situation but I value what you can tell me about your journey.

Sisterhood, indeed.