Saturday, September 05, 2009

The end of the long-distance part of the marriage..

When Hubby came home in May, he brought a bunch of stuff. I was happy to see him, and (I hope) took the stuff in stride.

Hubby went to (discipline) camp over the summer -- so we had almost 4 weeks of not seeing one another...

But now -- it's really sinking in. Hubby's home to stay. Had he gone back to red state, last week would have been his first week of school. Instead, he's starting law school and getting orientation lectures on work/life balance from people who were 5 when we got married.

I love the fact that we'll have routines and commitments in the same city!!! I'm even willing to overlook Hubby's comment, "at least when I was in Red State, I got to eat the spaghetti I like"...

So, here's to three years in the same city. We survived 3 years 6 hours apart... I think we can manage Law School.

Welcome Home Hubby --

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Seeking Solace said...

Yay for Hubby being home...for good!

If you can handle the LDR, law school will be a breeze.