Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Watching History up close...

We stood in line for three hours.

Reports are that the line was 1.5 MILES long. 19,000 other people wanted to see it too,

We made some friends -- and talked some politics -- well before we got inside.

As a group we admonished line jumpers and other forms of poor behavior ---- and then we passed the metal detector and found good seats -- just behind and to the right of the podium, with a good view of the runway.

Inside it was a combination of rock concert and political rally. Multi-media images, signs and screaming fans. When the other guy was on the jumbo-tron, we booed --- when the camera paned to us, we wave like fools...

The mood was upbeat, hopeful and downright rowdy. People were snapping pictures and complaining about $4.00 sodas.

Anytime someone would do something on the stage there was hopeful applause.

Finally, at about 9:00 PM, a tall, slim, blond, woman in black took the stage. She spoke of the Presidential campaign so far, her family and her hope for the future. The biggest crowd reaction was when she mentioned her son serving in Iraq.... but, she knew who we'd all come to see... and she finally introduced them ---

Michelle and Barack Obama.

They took the stage together, him in the requisite dark suit -- she was in a stunning purple dress with very high heels... (the Sex and the City girls would be proud -- or Prada :) ) -- the drank in the applause and the screaming fans... then they embraced, bumped knuckles in what must be a pre-speech ritual and she left the stage.

The rest you've seen on TV. A really amazing speech from an amazing person. A person with the vision and character we need. A person who has the grass-roots organizing experience to have a different take on the world... and thus an understanding of what's really important.

He spoke eloquently for nearly 45 minutes -- with frequent gaps for loud cheering... really, my ears are ringing like I've been at a concert.

At the end, hubby and I made like good little Minnesotans and took off for the parking lot as soon as he was off the stage.... we beat the traffic and made it home before the pundits finished talking about it.

yea -- it was worth standing in the light rain, for three hours, on a cool June evening in Minnesota to see history up close. And -- really, he's got to be something special to get 19,000 Minnesotans to stand in a 1.5 mile long line and stay out late on a work night.


Debbie said...

I was wondering if you guys would go! Tell Hubby his cover is blown, though - I'm not buying his almost-a-conservative persona any more ;)

My hubby was an Obama delegate to the state Dem convention here, so we're really, really jealous of you!

julie said...

Damn - you lucky ducks. Way to be part of history, sister!

Addy N. said...

That sounds awesome! How cool that you were there.

Professor said...

That is wonderful and how great you could go and hear our next President speak! :)