Monday, June 02, 2008

RBO life...

  • Dr. Adviser gives good advice, even from overseas... yea, I'm lucky.
  • I have a lovely pot of lavender lilacs on my desk, thanks to hubby going out to steal them for me -- it's a springtime tradition around here.
  • The trailer park is gone from my office view, and the plough is looking very lively.
  • The baby geese are getting bigger -- they look kind of like smallish ugly yellow chickens.
  • New Kitty's feline-ality is "personal assistant" -- for sure. She has to be in everything we do. As MIL says 'she's very busy -- I'm not used to your cats being so busy".
  • Extra-toes was walking kind of funny when we got back from Vegas. A trip to the vet revealed an enlarged heart -- so he's on the equivalent of water pills and doing much better. He's still pretty spunky, not bad for 12.
  • I have a great start on the next chapter, I hope to have it finished by Saturday.
  • I rewarded my hard work on the chapter today by going to the Sex and the City movie --- and it was pretty good.... although, they all show their age on the big screen.... and there are certain times at which their lack of acting ability pops out -- but, it was a good movie and a great way to really end the series.
  • Why is it that we have at least 6 places that will deliver pizza to us, but only one mediocre Chinese food place and nothing else?
  • Tomorrow I'm going into the office for the first time in 2.5 weeks -- wow! I should have a bunch of books for my feminist ethics class waiting for me.... YEA!
  • I wonder if the fact that I'm a 'mind' worker has anything to do with my TIVO habits... I've got the following on my list: Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men, Alaska Experiment.... all about people doing physical labor. Add to that the classics of Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Design Star and Project Runway --- and it seems like I mostly watch other people work.
  • New Kitty says999999999967--which must be cat for 'I want to put my heat on mom's keyboard....

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Professor said...

Great list! And I can't wait to see the Sex movie- I'm going Friday!