Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sweet rejection...

Yesterday I was in a panic... there are only a couple of articles that are doing the thing that my dissertation is doing.

One of them I just recently found -- and the other I've been working with for a while.

The one I've been working with was in an old course pack. It was complete and cited, so I've been using it. I did try to find it and was unsuccessful -- even the big research U library at BNState U didn't have the journal from 1978.

Yesterday, I needed it for the chapter I'm working with and I couldn't find it.

It wasn't in the other files for the chapters. It wasn't in the file with the other articles I've used recently, or with the article it was right next to in the course pack.

My grad uni recently started a new service for electronic stuff -- so I requested it. They rejected the request -- but, they did so because it actually IS available on-line --- and they told me how to find it.

So, if you need a clean copy of the Childress 1978 article, let me know :). I now have it in my electronic files -- a nice, neat little PDF and I can print a new one for myself any time.

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Professor said...

Thank goddess for happy endings on that one!