Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I suppose I should be grateful...

... that the two old dudes I'm working on didn't read one another's articles and do my work for me.

But -- seriously, they are both writing on the same basic, narrow, idea -- and the one writing in 1978/1980/1982 doesn't reference the guy who wrote in 1974.

Sure, one was in Ethics an the other Theological Studies, but -- come on. I suppose the fact that the 1978/1980/1982 guy was really just re-hashing his 1978 article should have given me some kind of clue -- but, I'd like to see him do some work with the 1974 guy.

Thank goodness for electronic searches, ILL and the internet in general.... because the 1974 guy is making a heck of a lot of sense for 2008.

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