Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Coffee Shop is hopping...

Hubby and I are at the coffee shop while my amazing cleaning person cleans our place. I like to get out of her way because when I cleaned houses, I hated it when the owners were there.... I always felt that I couldn't make noise, move stuff or really get into it if I had to be quiet... So, we leave while she's there.

We go to the coffee shop. So far I've had a quick chat with a lovely woman from BNCC's English department.

Behind me is a student whom I think I failed or gave a D last semester -- because he couldn't seem to get his act together for more than a few days at a time... and in Logic, that just doesn't cut it.

Down the long bench seat from Hubby is the creepy old guy who resembles a burned-out stoner crossed with a walrus... usually he's in jeans and a faded t-shirt. Today he's in a cheap suit an tie -- and he's made an attempt to comb his hair. He must have a job interview. He's a really odd one -- I've never seen him actually drink coffee, only Mountain Dew... and sometimes on Sundays he tutors a younger dude in physics.

All around women are having coffee and chatting -- Hubby and I are working on dissertation stuff, writing blog posts and generally hanging out with our laptops until she's done. Pretty soon we'll drop by BNCC to see if my feminist ethics textbooks have arrived -- and then we'll hit PetSmart for litter and go on home.... to a clean apartment.

I have to admit, I love having the money to hire someone to clean. This situation is ideal as she comes once a month and is an independent business person --- so, she sets her own hours and prices and keeps all the money.


Psych Post Doc said...

People watching while someone else cleans your home. That is the great life. :)

Professor said...

Oh I'm so jealous- a coffee shop and a cleaning person!!! Nice!