Friday, February 08, 2008

ya know that one student.....

...the one who can't seem to listen with the rest of the class?

So, when I give an instruction, I have to give it twice....

The one who somehow thinks s/he is too intellectually gifted or special for your low-level class?

I have that student -- and s/he is making me nuts. I have to repeat EVERY general class direction. I'd think that maybe s/he has a hearing problem, but s/he sits near the front of the class. It is that s/he isn't paying attention and isn't good at multi-tasking.

Well -- today I got a good laugh when I peeked at her/his quiz. We do a review session before the quiz. My quiz questions are taken from homework questions. They asked some good questions in review -- good enough that they hit at least two or three of the quiz questions.

The non-listening student muffed the answers we'd JUST discussed.

When I hand them back in class, I'm going to make a point of telling them that we discussed certain questions in class --- of course, s/he won't hear that -- but, I suspect s/he will ask a stupid question (and yes, I do think there are stupid questions, like when they ask a question I've just answered) and I'll get to tell her/him that the rest of the class got it right, due to the class discussion immediately before the quiz.

Tuesday is going to be sweet!


Seeking Solace said...

I honestly believe that people like that choose not to listen. They must certainly hear, but they just don't listen..

Bardiac said...

Oh, ugh. /comfort